After Secret Superstar & Thugs, Aamir Khan Plans To Be A Part Of Mahabharata Someday


Bollywood actor is a man of all trades. He’s a fine actor who gets the box office soaring high with every hit release. The 52-year-old actor is currently promoting Secret Superstar and working for Thugs Of Hindostan.

But as we all know, Mr. perfectionist not just into making money and to make cinema a better place to industry to work in. Speaking to Filmfare, Aamir said,

“Steps must be taken towards opening new screens across the country, especially in the remote areas and smaller cities.”


He further adds, “China has about 45000 screens, whereas in India, we barely have 10000 screens for all languages. It’s something that we need to learn from them. We need more theatres. I think that will really help the Indian film Industry.”

When asked about what his plans are next, Aamir Khan revealed that his dream project is the one actually based on a mythological show, Mahabharata.

“My dream project is to make the Mahabharata but I’m afraid of starting the project as I know it will consume at least 15-20 years of my life.” Also, the actor mentioned his love for the character of Karna and Arjun. He said, “My favourite character is Karna, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to play him due to my physique. I may just have to play Krishna. I also liked the character of Arjun. He was the only person who asked Krishna why he had to kill his own people.”